Why I Sleep in My Bathrobe to Keep Warm at Night

Sleeping in a bathrobe? That sounds just about crazy enough to work. But let’s get serious for a moment. Bathrobes are very useful for a number of different things. Of course, the most obvious use for a bathrobe is to wear it after a swim or, well, a bath. But can we wear it to bed with us and, more importantly, should we?

Bathrobe Uses

As I stated earlier, a well-designed bathrobe is normally used when we get out of water. Maybe I’ve just had a hot shower and need to relax before putting clothes on. Alternatively, maybe I have a pool, and we need to walk into our house without tracking water all over the floor. When that happens, a robe is very useful. I can walk around in my underwear and not feel like I’m exposed.

But the thing is, a lot of people in the late 2010s began to ask the question ‘what if I actually slept with this on?’ The answers range from positive to negative to somewhere in the middle. I will provide both the pros and cons of sleeping with the robe on.

Pros of Sleeping With the Bathrobe On

First of all, a bathrobe can keep us warm during the winter months. Most bathrobes are made from either cotton or microfibers. Both of these materials are great at absorbing water. But more importantly, they are warm enough to stop our body from freezing, but not so warm as to make us sweat.

Next, there’s the ‘feel’ of the bathrobe. Any cotton or wool robe will feel like wearing a cloud to bed. And then there are silk bathrobes. They aren’t really good at absorbing water, but they’re perfect if we want to wear something to please our partner.

Finally, there’s the fact that they can come loose. That’s also one of its negative traits, but let’s first elaborate why it’s good. Namely, if I feel hot during the night, I don’t have to actually remove the robe. It will basically do the work for me while I sleep.

Potential Cons of Sleeping With the Bathrobe On

A bathrobe can come loose when we sleep. If the weather is chilly, I can end up with a cold. Alternatively, I can get tangled up in the robe if I thrash during sleep. In addition, robes made of coarse material can cause friction. And friction can scrape the skin

However, those issues are minor. From personal experience, I can tell you that the positive sides of sleeping with the bathrobe on far outweigh the negative ones.