The Health Benefits of Swimming on a Regular Basis

Regular exercise is important, no matter if we already have a health condition that needs to be addressed or if we want to keep our bodies toned. However, experts cannot deny that some forms of exercise are better than others. In fact, most would agree that swimming takes the cake when it comes to health benefits.

1 – Leads to fast weight loss

Since it burns a ton of calories, swimming is a fantastic choice for all those who want to shed some pounds. In comparison to yoga or walking, for example, a 160-pound person burns up to 200 calories more while swimming for an hour at a low to moderate pace.

The best part is that swimming burns calories without us even noticing it until we get out of the pool. Since water offers moderate resistance, it’s a lot easier to move around and stay motivated to finish a lap or two.

In contrast, walking for 3-4 hours is just not manageable for some people, not to mention a luxury in today’s world. As such, swimming offers fast weight reduction. More importantly, it protects us from numerous other health conditions, such as diabetes and heart disease.

2 – Expands our lung capacity and strengthens our heart

Whenever we’re swimming, we are safely increasing our heart rate without straining the most important organ in our body. Therefore, we’re also strengthening our cardiovascular system and helping our heart become healthier and stronger.

Additionally, swimming also expands our lung capacity and promotes breathing. In essence, those who have trouble with their sinuses or asthma will breathe better if they take up swimming.

3 – Improves our sleep and mood

Exercise in and of itself can improve our mood, as regular workouts can reduce signs of depression, stress, and anxiety. However, swimming is a lot gentler on our whole body. Thus, we won’t experience any additional stress or changes in our mood.

Furthermore, we usually feel the fatigue only after we get out of the pool. As such, there’s a good chance we’ll start sleeping like a baby, as we have exhausted ourselves. After swimming, we experience a great energy boost, which lets us go through the rest of the day without feeling sleepy.

Then, when it’s time for bed, we’re exhausted and able to fall asleep easily. Moreover, the fatigue doesn’t let us wake up during the night, so better quality sleep is possible too.

4 – Reduces pain

Finally, swimming can also help us recuperate after suffering an injury or if we experience pain every day due to a health condition. Since it doesn’t put stress on the joints and bones, those in pain will find it easier to move in the water and may even increase their pain tolerance.

Additionally, it’s a great option for people who cannot engage in high-intensity exercises. In essence, swimming offers a ton of benefits without putting stress on our bodies and our minds.